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mDETECT secures $900k CIHR grant and launches breast cancer clinical trial

Exciting times for mDETECT and team! Check out our latest press release on our CIHR grant funding and the initiation of the multi-centre breast cancer clinical trial


Join Dr. Wiginton and Dr. Banting discuss how mDETECT will help cancer patients

In this episode, we interview one of the co-founders of mDetect Inc. - Dr. Irsa Wiginton. Dr. Wiginton holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from Queen's University. mDetect is commercializing a novel 'liquid biopsy' technology to support the treatment of cancer.

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Searching for DNA methylation in patients triple-negative breast cancer: a liquid biopsy approach

Feb 2, 2023

Expert Review of Molecular Diagnositics

Tune in to listen about mDETECT

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Congrats to Dr. Mueller for winning second place at the Mitacs Invention to Innovation (i2I) Skills Training Final Pitch Competition.

Kingston Economic Development Corporation

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Congrats to Dr. Wiginton for winning first place at the Kingston Syracuse Pathway Pitch Competition.

Both our founders have been successful in recent pitch competitions! Check out their stories below.

Pitch Winners!

Research at Queen's University has found a way to detect cancer through a blood test

The morning show on CKWS

GNM speaks with lead researcher, Christopher Mueller, about the test and how it works.

Queens mdetect

New mDETECT blood test helps with earlier cancer detection and better treatment

June 16, 2021

Queen’s researcher Christopher Mueller has developed a breast cancer detection test that provides real time response to chemotherapy and early detection of relapse.

Michelberger mdetect queens
mdetect blood test

A blood test for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

June 16, 2021

Nature Portfolio Cancer Community

A DNA methylation-based liquid biopsy for triple-negative breast cancer

June 16, 2021

Nature Precision Oncology

mdetect data liquid biopsy
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