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Our Team

Our team's mission is to help extend the lives of patients battling metastatic cancer.

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Dr. Christopher Mueller, Ph.D

President and Founder

Dr. Chris Mueller is a senior scientist and professor at the Cancer Research Institute at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. His research has involved studying epigenetics in different cancers, the relationship between stress and BRCA1, and developing methylation-based liquid biopsies. Chris earned his Ph.D (Microbiology and Immunology) from McGill University. He is involved in all aspects of company growth and has won various grants in advancing mDETECT to clinical validation.

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Dr. Irsa Wiginton, Ph.D.

Business Development Officer

Dr. Irsa (Shoukat) Wiginton is a trained scientist and passionate about translational medicine. She earned her M.Sc. and Ph.D. studying infectious human pathogens at Queen’s University and has successfully completed various certified business development and entrepreneurial training courses. She has a high level understanding of IP strategy, regulatory pathway and commercialization and business model development.

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