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Cutting-Edge Liquid Biopsy Technology

The rapidly growing number of cancer drugs on the market warrants comparable patient monitoring tools that can determine the scope of drug efficacy, especially in the late stages of cancer (i.e., metastatic stage). For these patients, there is an urgent clinical need to have better tools to monitor  response to therapy. As such, our blood test allows for rapid assessment of treatment response as an early determination of treatment efficacy, and therefore allows for a timely change in treatment leading to longer and better lives for these patients.

The mDETECT assay provides:

  • An early assessment of patient prognosis

  • Detection of changes in tumour burden during treatment

  • An accurate reflection of treatment response, especially in cases where imaging methods are discordant in patients.

A realistic example of the problem that exists for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) patients. The average women receives ~4 different treatments for TNBC, and with the increasing number of cancer drugs on the market, there has never been such an unprecedented need to ensure that the right drug is administered to each patient. The mDETECT test provides a personalized response to any cancer treatment so that women are not subjected to harsh, ineffective therapies. Our mission at mDETECT is to help women manage their breast cancer so that they can live a long and fulfilling life.

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