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Our Approach

The ultimate liquid biopsy for monitoring cancer therapy response

Revolutionizing the management of metastatic cancers

At mDETECT, we are committed to  transforming how treatment decisions are made for late-stage, metastatic patients with our innovative and advanced technology.

The mDETECT assay is a highly specific and sensitive test that monitors tumour burden in cancer patients using targeted methylation marks in circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA). mDETECT can accurately and rapidly determine the response to cancer therapy and help extend the lives of patients.


Liquid Biopsy

Liquid biopsies are increasingly recognized as having value for detecting and managing various cancers. At mDETECT, we have created the next generation of liquid biopsies that have unmatched sensitivity in quantifying cancer-specific methylation patterns of ctDNA  using less than one tube of blood. This minimally invasive test paves the way for a personalized approach to cancer care.

Next Generation Sequencing

Our multiplexed targeted NGS approach provides enhanced sensitivity and specificity in ctDNA detection and quantification. Our experts at mDETECT have reduced the sequencing requirements for samples in order to bring you results faster than the leading technology. We can readily provide real-time information related to patient responses to cancer therapy.

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